Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Halloween

Our invitations!! I used photos from 2 yrs ago and thought it was perfect!

Added a little orange background and found a wedding invitation set at Target on clearance for $6, included the ribbon, fancy wrap in the middle, the small cards and the envelopes - awesome deal!!

Our revamp of last years Goodie Bags... This year they have orange nail polish with the glow in the dark and the black/sparkle polish, RIP caps too!. Added BathnBodyWorks handsoap in the halloween designs, a special lipstick and eyeshadow.

Ideas to come... chocolate covered oreo cookies, caramel apples, graveyard cupcakes, candy bar, chocolate covered cherry mice and some burger sliders and fries.

Recipe 1 : Chocolate Covered Oreos... they went from Sparkle Pops to Mummy's lol

Chocolate Melt, Oreos (halloween ones of course), sticks, bags, ties,  - in the end the sparkles and toppers never made it, so I switched to Eyes from Target in the boxed cake section and green chocolate melt.

 My awful sparkle pop
My 1st pan of Mummy Pops lol
 I'm starting to love them and Amber thought they were cool.

My Mice Capades... Devil and Angel Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice... 

First - your marichino cherries, chocolate chips, nuts and melts chocolate
 Second - melt chocolate and dip your cherries (side note: white ones need to be dipped twice!)

Now to add your noses and eyes

Add some nuts for ears or just swirl some melted chocolate on (did that for the white ones)
Then you have your little creatures... nicely frozen.
I even made a little ghost to hang out with during all the decorating...

Our crazy spider sticks...


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