Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Bday Skating

Our topsy turvy cake she saw on one of the cake shows and I went and got it made for her... nope we'll stick to walmart cakes from here on out :)

Our chocolate lollipop tree... simple chocolate mold off ebay, a little melted chocolate and lollipop sticks and you have it ready to go!

Ambers invite - yeah I went digital and when they arrived from walgreens, I got out my cardstock and a little black ribbon and did them up.

One of my neat little ideas - I got chocolate shaped candy lipbalm off ebay and found these little numbers on there too - they come flat and you fold them and tie them off, the stickers I printed off with photoshop and labels.

Of course I got into the digital thing a little too much and got candy bar wrappers for her...
Then I found these for 2.10 - the sites not around anymore or I'd post it. They were a huge hit in the center of the table.
My big treat bag was these - Candy containers! I got clear plastic paint cans, printed off labels at home, went to a candy store and bought in bulk (it was cheaper than I thought - make sure to go to a mom and pop shop, their even cheaper and they will order anything you want!)

I did alot of treats since there couldn't do anything but skate at the party and the package deals was soo cheap for them all the skate.