Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

So as she got older and appreciated it... I got a little more involved...


and so did the invites lol - I got a couple paper cut outs off ebay (hat, cat globe and kettle) and used glue dots to adhere them. Then printed the invite on white cardstock (believe it or not the green bubbles are on the printed cardstock and not an add on) - then I attached it to purple cardstock.
We had a fortune teller section behind the purple wall - neighbors girl came over and told each girl a fortune - just had her keep it pg13 lol

Streamers - balloons - signs and more were all over the house - where ever I could find a spot! They even had these cute things to fill out when they came in - as I didn't know all the numbers for their parents.

This big guy is my favorite and he just passed away this year (2010) - he's a puff ball with streamer legs that you could angle any way you want. I love making them look UP at decorations!

Ok I love these witches hat cookie - there's a surprise in the middle - I bought store made cookies and had them frosted black. I then took cones, filled them with mini m&m's and then put them on the cookie (upside down) and finished them off with cans of orange and purple frosting and a few sprinkles. I made mummy finger hotdogs too.

my favorite popcorn in a bag trick - easier than everyone fighting over a bowl of popcorn - brown paper bags, rolled down and ready to go!

The gang and two tv's for them to watch both movies - one was a premier and the other was a dvd. I just spread them out and let them have fun!

 And our huge cake to feed all 24 kids lol

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2007 Cheetah Girls Bday

These are the simplest to make - 
1. Brown cardstock, cut along the edge to make a ruffle effect
2. hole punch with slits (double) to slide ribbon though
3. cheetah print ribbon glued on the edge
4. light brown cardstock with invite printed on it (made in microsoft word) and then stamped with doggie prints
 Gotta love walmart - they can add any thing to a cake - they added the image of the invite right onto it! Then did a cute leopard print around the edges!

I didn't go all out at this part (we were moving soon) - we did a shoe pinata in the basement and I made these marshmellow pops - simple marshmellows on a lollipop stick, then dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled on real quick - took no more than 15mins to make and a couple to bag them up :)